Wrinkles and sagging of face are the early signs of ageing. Wrinkles are caused by action of the muscles of facial expression over the years. Wrinkles are initially dynamic and if not treated, they tend to become static. Sagging on the other hand is caused by loss of volume and action of gravity on the facial tissues over time.


Botox injection consists of minute doses of Botulinium toxin which weakens the injected muscles. Botox injections are commonly used to treat the dynamic wrinkles in the upper face. (Forehead, Glabella and crow’s feet)


Fillers are used to replace the lost volume and hence correct the sagging face. Fillers also are used to treat the static wrinkles, under eye hollowness or for having plump lips, high cheek bones or defined Jawline and chin.

Advantage of the injectables is that there is no down time and that is why these are called lunch hour procedures.